Subjects That I Focus On


Many of us are not as in touch with our intuition as we would like to be—or need to be. Intuition is part of what makes us human, and, like anything else, we have to practice this key life skill for it to be available and useful. As someone who remained disconnected from my intuition for much of my life and then found my way to reclaiming that connection, I focus on helping you understand what intuition is, how to connect with intuition, and how to practice intuition so that it becomes a clear and readily available guide to being you. Intuition has been at the core of my own growth and transformation and is at the heart of all of my work.

Masculinity, Relationships, and Sexuality

Our cultural idea of what it means to be a man has been long overdue for an update. Thankfully, we are now well into a phase of change, growth, and redefinition of masculinity.

Drawing on my own experience in discovering my own identity as a man, in men’s work, and on writers and teachers including Warren Farrell, Robert Moore, Mark Greene, Ben Goresky, Robert Bly, David Richo, Traver Boehm, David Deida, John Wineland, Jordan Peterson, Erich Fromm, Carl Jung, and Robert Masters, I work with other men to explore, define and evolve their own identities, and on relationships and sexuality.


Intuition and creativity go hand in hand. Intuition is the wellspring of creativity, and the act of creativity is that of manifesting our intuition, of creating an artifact of expression of our Self. As a writer, I work with other writers to help them access their creativity, structure their work, develop ideas, edit, and co-create.


I started drinking when I was only eleven years old, and continued until I was forty seven, when I finally got the clear feeling that I wanted to change my relationship with alcohol. You don’t necessarily have to drink a lot to feel like making a change. I use proven methods in the context of modern neuroscience and overall wellness to help people who want to drink less, to stop drinking, or simply to understand better how alcohol works and affects our minds and bodies. Read more here if you’re interested in changing your relationship with alcohol.

Anxiety and depression

My own experience with anxiety and depression goes back to my teens. Having worked extensively with therapy and psychoanalysis in an effort to change these behaviors, I have specific methods and experience that can help some people understand and work with these ways of being.

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Values that Guide my Process

My coaching is grounded first of all in my own life experience that has led me to these values and beliefs that guide my work:

What if…

What if you could become more creative? What if you could come to know your intuition better, and to use it on a daily basis? What if you could live more freely and feel better, and more yourself? All of these are possible.

    Here are some further details about my process. You can get in touch using the form below, and/or simply book a discovery session at no charge using my calendar. I reply to all inquires promptly.