Is Second Sight for you?

Second Sight helps creatives and entrepreneurs—and anyone who wants to be more creative—change unhealthy habits, make alcohol obsolete, gain greater access to intuition, move past anxiety and depression, learn how to live as an entrepreneur, and to choose freedom.

My coaching is based primarily on my own experience, and I work first of all with people like me:

Artists, writers, entrepreneurs, athletes

…and anyone who wants to be more creative, who is becoming an artist, who wants to write, who dreams of starting their own business, who would like to be more athletic, or who simply dreams of freedom.

Adults — and youth

I started drinking alcohol when I was only eleven years old, and continued until I was forty eight. Coaching can be especially impactful as minds and bodies are first developing—and throughout our lives.

Anxiety and depression

My own experience with anxiety and depression goes back to my teens. Having worked extensively with therapy and psychoanalysis in an effort to change these behaviors, it was only when I finally realized the connection between alcohol and depression, that I found the clear motivation to change my relationship with alcohol.

Change your relationship with alcohol

Many of us have gotten the feeling that we would like to change our relationship with alcohol—to drink less, to stop drinking, or simply to understand better how alcohol works and effects our minds and bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if…

What if you could become more creative? What if you could come to know your intuition better, and to use it on a daily basis? What if you could change your relationship with alcohol? There is a way. All of these are possible.

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