My Process

It took me years to discover my second sight, and to change my relationship with alcohol, because I went through that process alone.

As soon as I started to engage with others, my own progress accelerated rapidly—and got a lot more fun! It’s been widely shown that outcomes for individuals receiving coaching—in any pursuit—are distinctly and significantly better than for people who don’t have such support.

Kitesurfing in Brazil with my coach, Andre Penna
photo: Bruna Arcangelo Toledo

My coaching practice is a direct outgrowth of my own experience, and of my engagement with others on the same path. I work with a proven methodology for changing deep habits, as well as my own set of tools for understanding how alcohol, intuition, creativity, depression, and freedom are all closely related and to create changes that help us live well. I believe that each of us is here, above all else, to be yourself as much as possible. That is our most basic purpose in life.

Second Sight coaching begins with your interest. Once you have contacted me, we’ll set up a free two-hour discovery session to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Beginning our Work

As with most of our interactions, the initial call will be done as a video call. If we decide to work together, we’ll discuss options for style and frequency of our communication, and determine what kind of support would be most effective for you.

Focus, quality, and integrity are my core values in serving my clients, and freedom is my own highest-order personal value, so I work with very limited set of clients. I meet with most clients once a week. I also offer support by text and occasional in-person meetings.

Once we’ve agreed upon how we’ll work together, we’ll sign a coaching agreement that details our commitments to each other, and begin our work.

Mountain running with a local guide at Mt. Iglit, Mindoro, Philippines

Ready for a breakthrough?

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