Holistic coaching to awaken your intuition

My superpower—and yours—is the intuition that we are all born with, but that many of us have not had the opportunity to develop and integrate.

I work with creatives, entrepreneurs, athletes, leaders and others who want to be more creative, live better, and feel more free.

Nobody asked me,
so I’m asking you

Do you ever feel anxious, stuck, unsure of the right move, unable to decide?

Have you been getting a subtle message that you’re not sure is right—or been trying to ignore?

Is there something about how you’ve been living that you wish you could change, but you’re just not sure how?

Is there anything that you’ve been thinking of doing that you find yourself afraid of?

Has it crossed your mind more than once that you might be better off if you drank less alcohol (or got more exercise, or got outside more, or felt less anxious, or…)?

When someone says “trust your gut”, does that actually mean anything to you? Do you wish you had greater access to your intuition, creativity and self-expression?

Do you feel disconnected from the physical world, from what feels good, from what hurts, from what your body needs?

Do you ever wish you could just be more yourself?

You’re not alone

If any of these questions feel familiar, I’ve been there, and I’m here to help. As a highly competent, confident and successful entrepreneur and business owner, I was also often anxious, depressed, tired, hung over, empty, and terribly lonely. I many ways, I was desperate to change everything, even to become someone else, but I didn’t know how to begin.

I can’t change your life for you, but I can share my experience and join you on a journey of exploration and transformation, using specific methods and a holistic focus on the natural power of your intuition. The view from the inside of your current self always seems normal and it can be hard to imagine how things can change—and, it’s often much easier than you think to change your patterns, to evolve to a new normal, and to become your future self.

You can contact me here to discuss further. My discovery sessions are always free, and you can book one right here.