Creativity is Self-Expression

Whether you’re an artist, a writer, an entrepreneur, an athlete, or in any other walk of life, your creativity is your ability to express your individuality. Creativity is problem-solving, inventiveness, innovation, and often leadership as well. To live well, we all need to be as free and powerful in our creativity as possible. What’s more, because creativity is self expression, creativity is also key to finding and knowing ourselves, and to a sense of being grounded in a foundation of self-confidence. Your basic purpose is simply to be as uniquely you as possible, and you need full access to your creativity to be you.

If you’re ever had any of the following thoughts, then we have a lot in common. Do any of these sound familiar? 

“I wish I was more creative”
“I wish I knew myself better”
“If feel stuck. If I could just get going…”
“I know I could be more creative”
“People say: ‘follow your passion‘. If only I knew what it was!”
“I don’t quite know how to ‘trust my gut‘”
“I’m not sure exactly who Iam”
“I wish I could trust my intuition more”
“I know I could be more myself