What is Intuition?

Intuition is your inner vision. It’s that quiet voice inside from a part of yourself that sees everything you do and, most often, knows what is right—but can’t speak to you directly.

Intuition is embodied cognition—it’s your body thinking.

Intuition is pattern recognition. It’s sensing the shapes and movements of the world as they surround you—of everything from physical energy and emotions to the forces of culture and the economy. You could also say that it’s feeling what the universe wants, through your body

Intuition is knowing without knowing how, or why.

Intuition is that transcendental moment when a realization from the subconscious breaks the surface of consciousness, like a bubble rising to the surface.

Intuition is the true source of creativity. 

It’s also what keeps you from fucking up your life. The good news is that if it’s working, you pretty much can’t. And for the same reason, you can’t afford to ignore it. 

Intuition is the voice—and the only voice—that will speak your purpose. 

Intuition is a shift in the wind… a flicker on the horizon… seeing over the mountain… two birds circling… an eye blinking open… a whisper in your ear that says: move

Everything is a practice. You get good at what you do. You can improve your intuition by spending less time thinking and talking, and more time moving and feeling.