Meet Bowen

Bowen Dwelle is an outdoor athlete, adventure guide, writer, speaker, and a trained life coach.

Through his Second Sight coaching practice he helps others develop and use their intuition, find greater creative flow, change destructive habits, move past anxiety and depression, and most of all to choose freedom. As a coach, writer, speaker and in life, Bowen’s highest calling is to tell the truth, both to share his own story and to speak what is too rarely spoken.

A lifelong entrepreneur and adventurer, Bowen’s first career was in software, starting with programming from the age of ten and coming to a close along with the first era of the internet in 2001. He worked during this time as a software architect and technical manager at companies such as Compuware, HotWired, and Lycos.

Bowen began his second career in 1999, founding a highly regarded conference that became a successful independent business for many years. He sold this business in 2015.

Bowen began his third career by dedicating himself to three guiding messages:

Following these three credos led him to become an outdoor athlete, adventure guide, open water swimmer, paraglider pilot, and to his current vocation as a writer and freedom coach.

Flying above Lake Berryessa, California

Throughout this journey, Bowen has served as a leader, consultant, advisor, coach, teacher, and guide in many diverse ways. Some examples include:

  • founding, leading, and selling his own company
  • consulting with C-level executives as direct clients
  • rising to serve as president of the San Francisco chapter of EO, the Entrepreneurs Organization
  • organizing, leading, and hosting many events as a Creative in Residence at The Battery and elsewhere
  • coaching fellow entrepreneurs, creatives, and athletes
  • serving as advisor to several companies
  • leading multi-day adventure travel expeditions with SurfinSemFim in Brazil
in the High Tatras mountains, on the Polish-Slovak border

Bowen’s personal philosophy is embodied in these simple core values:

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