Intuition is Your Second Sight

Intuition is the natural, unprompted expression of our unconscious self. As we learn to recognize this voice and to validate it, realizing unconscious intuition by consciously doing things in the world, we can see whether our intuition is correct. It almost always is, and if not, it learns pretty quickly. As we see that our intuition iscorrect, we gain confidence in this inner voice—which is the voice of self. We start to hear our inner self speaking, and as that self gains a voice, it will speak more often and with greater confidence. 

Your intuition is the voice of you. The way to improve your intuition, and to gain greater creative freedom, is simply to practice, to train your intuition by using it. But if you’re stuck, how do you get started?

For most of my adult life I wished that I was more creative. I wanted to get to a more creative way of thinking and being, but I didn’t know how to become more creative. I didn’t trust my intuition. I didn’t quite get what people meant when I heard “trust your gut”, and “follow your passion” seemed like a platitude, an empty cliché, because I didn’t know what my passion was. 

Where does creativity come from? What is the creative spark?

It’s intuition. Intuition is the wellspring of creativity—the source from which new and unique creations of our mind emerge. You can picture it literally as a spring: the trickle of fresh, clear water emerging from a mountainside, seemingly from nowhere—that is intuition. Drinking the water, feeling how clear, clean and delicious it is, letting it quench your thirst and fuel your body—that is creative power. 

Like everything else, intuition is a practiceWe get good at what we do, and if we don’t use our intuition, recognize it, test it, and put it to use, our intuition will remain a weak and foreign power. 

On the other hand, as we do use our intuition, it gets stronger and more familiar. Intuition can become a familiar tool that we use constantly, and a strong sense of intuition automatically leads not only to greater creativity but to a better understanding of ourselves.

Several years ago, I began a process that led me to discover the power of my intuition. It led me to discover much more of my self, and to discover my purpose: what I’m here to do. “Follow your passion” no longer rings false to me.