Change Everything on the Truth & Dare podcast

I first met Camden Hoch at her yoga class one beautiful Sausalito morning. We started running into each other more often, saw that we had some common interests and ways of living, and she recently invited me for an interview on her Truth & Dare podcast. 

I’m proud of this interview, and I had a great time talking with Camden. We covered a lot of ground, including

  • The 3 messages that led me to change everything in my life
  • How physical activity can awaken your intuition
  • Why nature is the first & ultimate inspiration
  • Bowen’s perspective on “obsolete” and what may be “obsolete”in your life
  • What happiness really is
  • How after living in anxiety & depression from my teens into my 40’s, I came to be healthier at 49 than I ever was before
  • My definition of Truth

The podcast is no longer up on her Camden’s site, so I’m glad that I rescued it. Enjoy!