Gear and Tools


I use Scrivener for all my writing, Day One for journaling, and Zotero for managing research and citation references. It’s not a one-step process, but I can use the footnote feature in Scrivener to include references to entries in my Zotero database, and then when I’m ready to publish a piece, Zotero will merge in the full citations and build a bibliography.

I only just recently came across Open Library (a project of the Internet Archive, which also runs the Wayback Machine) and wow, what a great resource! You can borrow books online, for free!

Did you know that you can often access the full Oxford English Dictionary (OED) online through your local library? I get mine though the San Francisco Public Library and it’s awesome!


I used to love a good caffeine buzz, but these days I find that it takes me out more than anything else, and so I rarely drink coffee any longer. I’ve been enjoying MUD/WTR quite a lot as an alternative morning drink. It’s a combination of mushrooms, cacao, a little black tea, turmeric and other spices, with about 1/7 of the caffeine of coffee. Check it out

I’m sure that by now you’re wondering what kind underwear I’m wearing… A friend turned me on to Saxx Underwear a few years ago and now I wear nothing else. Aside from the comfort, I love the material—lightweight and great for travel, I can wash them in the sink or a river and they dry super quick. If you want to try them, head on over to the refer-a-friend page,

I’ve been a Patagonia customer since age zero, and I still think they are a great company, especially after what Yvon did recently in gifting his ownership to Earth. Some items that I stick with are the Lightweight Merino Performance Crew Socks and the capilene short and long sleeve tees. Unfortunately the names of the shirts are very confusing, but I like the lightest weight possible for running, which is the Men’s Capilene® Cool Lightweight Shirt. I also love the Nano-Air Light Insulated Hybrid Jacket, but they no longer make it. After losing one on a paragliding trip in Utah, I bought the one I have now on eBay.

Patagonia also makes great running shorts, but I recently got a pair of Rabbit shorts that I really love—they’re softer, and have nifty waistband pockets. Speaking of pockets for running, I bought a Naked Running Band several years ago, and I use it just about every time I go trail running. It fits without moving around and lets me carry a 500ml squeeze water bottle, my phone, a couple of snacks, keys, and headphones if I want them, and eliminates the need for pockets on my shorts. Great product. I wear size 32 pants, and I bought a size 9 band which seems to work perfectly.

Hats are like shoes, I’m very particular about the shape and fit. After trying and giving away a bunch of other hats I love my RNNR Lightweight Distance Hat for running. For a regular hat, a loved the “trucker” hat that Inov-8 sent me along with my last order. I lost it somewhere on the way to Corsica, and I’ll ask them for another one when I need a new pair of shoes.

Speaking of running shoes, I’ve been running in Altra TIMP shoes for years, but I got tired of the loose fit and wanted something different, and I really like what Inov-8 is doing. I have two pairs of their shoes, the x-talon 255 for wet winter running and the TerraUltra (now called Trailfly) G 270 for the rest of the year.