Bowen’s story on the This Naked Mind podcast

I found Annie Grace’s deeply impactful book This Naked Mind a couple of months after my decision to stop drinking alcohol. In fact, just by chance, I came across her book at her own home town bookstore! The book helped me to solidify the conclusions that I had reached after years of drinking, and enlightened further me in many ways. Earlier this year I reached out to Annie and volunteered to share my story on her podcast.

This conversation was recorded in May 2019. Following the interview, I asked about coaching programs and subsequently joined the This Naked Mind Institute Coaching Certification program, and became a This Naked Mind Institute Certified Coach.

I listened to the conversation again before posting this, and some of what you’ll hear is:

  • how I uncovered the connection between my use of alcohol and decades of depression
  • my story of spontaneous sobriety—and how it took me many years to get there
  • the effect that drinking alcohol was having on my relationships
  • how my decision to stop drinking was in a larger sense about living well
  • how telling the truth is one of the most powerful things that we can do for ourselves, and others
click to listen to Bowen’s interview on the This Naked Mind podcast

You can listen here with Overcast (my favorite podcast app), in any other podcast app, or by clicking through to the original post on the This Naked Mind site.